“I have now completed the refurbishment of both 93 Edward street and my residence.  As we are all aware major refurbishments of existing buildings never run smoothly.  Unfortunately problems within existing structures always arise.

In respect to both of the above properties you were always available, including sometimes where necessary immediately, to resolve the issues and provide solutions which were practical, cost effective and long term in their application.  I am most grateful to you and your team for producing a first class outcome.  Indeed I wonder what might have been the outcome without your assistance.  At every occasion there was a ready consensus between the owners, contractors and tenants to the solutions and instructions which you issued.

The properties have now been refurbished in accordance with your plans and specifications to a very high standard.  Thank you for a first class outcome.”

David Whitman


“I have known Jack Van De Ven in a professional capacity for over 10 years in our dealings specifically with Hungry Jacks Restaurants of which we have developed 3.

In appointing WBP Architects there is an involvement from them that I have not experienced with other architectural firms, in that Jack in particular looks at every aspect of the development from both a tenant and an owner’s perspective in assuring the success of the project.

Jack has been instrumental in a design capacity for all of these projects and has added expert advice though the construction phase sometimes beyond his scope.

I would have no issue in recommending WBP Architects.”

Robert Deane

Azuno Developments


“We are commercial Builders and have been dealing with WBP Architects and specifically it’s Director Jack Van De Ven for over 20 years.  We have found WBP to always be professional in their endeavours and credit their operation to have survived through some very tough years. We have always found Jack to be brutally fair and honest in his dealings with our company. Jack has managed to remain a credible independent superintendant on many of our projects, and one who acts with integrity and fairness to all parties to a contract. His experience in the fast food industry in particular would be difficult to surpass.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jack and his team in any commercial Architectural capacity.”

Peter McRobbie

Box and Co Pty Ltd


“Great Service”

George Abagio

Rubicon Design and Construct



“We have employed the services of Jack and his team over a period of some 25 years.  Our most recent project together required WBP to complete design and subsequently take management of the entire process from beginning to completion of what was a very unique project.  At all times the team were efficient and thorough and found fast cost-effective solutions when difficulties appeared.

What could have been a highly stressful project for us under the direction of Jack and his team turned out to be a very successful outcome for us all.

We will continue to use jack and his team without any hesitation for all future project and can in all honesty recommend Jack and the WBP team.”

Richard Clayton

East Coast Marina



“I have been a frequent client of WBP Architects Pty Ltd (formerly Wayne Blow and Partners) for in excess of 25 years.

During that time I've been associated with the firm, owners, and staff on many projects, both for mutual National company clients as well as my own developments.

I've engaged WBP Architects Pty Ltd for a wide variety of tasks, including conceptual design, final design and documentation, assistance in engaging other consultants for town planning, civil and structural engineering design, hydraulic and electrical design, and other tasks involved in commencing a project and then carrying it forward to completion.

More lately, WBP Architects Pty Ltd and its principal partner, Jack Van de Ven have been engaged to project manage various projects from start to finish. I've been willing to rely totally on Mr Van de Ven's high credence to act fairly and impartially in dealing with consultants, contractors as well as ourselves as clients. On every occasion, I have felt more than satisfied, and WBP have achieved acceptable outcomes.

A good service company relies on stable long term staff. I have known the staff at WBP Architects for many years, through tough times as well as good times. I thank them for their goodwill and professional attitude on all occasions.

I have been very happy to recomend their services on many occasions and would welcome any contact to discuss my endorsement.”

Robert Simmons

Commercial Property Developments Pty Ltd

architecture & interior design